LOC & LCO Method

I’m sure some of you are familiar with this term, especially those who have been natural for quite some time. For those who are new to the natural hair journey this may be a term that you are unfamiliar with. So that letters stand for:

L- Leave In or Liquid

O- Oil

C- Cream

These methods help to retain moisture and combat frizz in your hair when you are doing your daily or weekly styling. Personally, my hair does better with either method. When I’m doing a style that could last me for up to 5-6 days (like a twist out) I prefer using the LOC method but when I’m doing a wash and go I use the LCO method (especially because I live in Chicago and the wind can be terribly disrespectful to my wash and go’s). Every one’s hair is different so it’s all about finding which method works best for your hair.

With the LOC Method the steps are: 

  1. Moisturizing the hair with a water based leave-in conditioner
  2. Seal moisture with an oil
  3. Use a cream to double seal the moisture and close the hair cuticle


With the LCO Method the steps are: 

  1.  Moisturizing the hair with a water based leave-in conditioner
  2.  Seal moisture with a cream
  3.  Use an oil to double seal the moisture and close the hair cuticle


Why Use LOC & LCO Methods for Natural Hair? 

Using water based products in your natural hair is best because water is the best source and true form of moisture for the hair. When using water it helps to penetrate the hair shaft and goes deep into the hairs cuticle, making natural hair soft and flexible. Using and oil helps with slowing down the evaporation of water (moisture) from natural hair. Lastly, using a cream helps with slowing down the loss of moisture to provide maximum hydration.

Here’s a list of some good products to try when doing the LOC or LCO Method for those of you who are new to being natural:

Good info to know

I suggest trying both methods for a length of time to see which methods works best for your hair and for different styles that you are trying to achieve! Either way this is the best way to care for and maintain your natural hair.





2018 is here!

So I realize its been quite some time since I have updated my hair blog. I decided not to do the usual New Year’s Resolution. Then I looked at my product shelf and realized that I had a ton of products that I have built up and started cleaning it out. Giving away products that I won’t be using or didn’t work for me to give to my friend who is newly trying this natural journey.  Once I did that I realized I still had a ton of products left.


Shelf 1



Shelf 2


So with that being said. I vow to not buy any more products until I use up the products that I have and try out the samples that I have that I haven’t used. If I end up not liking the samples I’ll just give them away. I’ll make sure to keep checking in with you all to let you know how I am progressing with this resolution of mines.

Also, stay tuned for natural hair tips and reviews on my favorite products!

Happy New Year everyone!

Quick Update

Hey guys! I know that it has been a while since I have posted anything. I just want to let you all know that I have some new stuff coming for you all. Of course you know that life gets busy sometimes and you don’t have time to do the things that you like. Keep watching out. Thanks!

MHM 7 Day Challenge 

So I recently just learned about the Max Hydration Method (MHM) from browsing YouTube and the internet. It is designed for type 4 low porosity hair (4b/c) but any curly girl can use this method if they want to achieve max hydration for their hair. I first found out about it from Pinterest and watching @Msdeekay YouTube videos and then I proceeded to go to MHM website to get more info from the creator Pinkecube. Not only does this method give you max moisture but it also gives your hair a more defined curl pattern. I know those who don’t already have a naturally (meaning without using products) defined curl pattern would be interested in this. Plus this method makes your hair feel super soft.

So I learned that it’s a 5 step regimen, with a pre-step the first day you do it, you need to do the regimen everyday for the first 7 days. Well that’s recommended but if doing it everyday won’t work with your schedule, then you can do it every other day. 


So here is the breakdown of the 5 step regimen:

Pre-Step- you are supposed to do the Cherry Lola Treatment first when you begin the regimen on day one. Just for clarity, when you do the pre-step please skip Step 1, but do complete steps 2-5. When applying, section off your hair so all your strands are fully saturated with the mixture and leave on for about 20 minutes and rinse out. Now this pre-step has a lot of ingredients that some choose to do or they do a revised version. You can check out the recipe and demo for the Cherry Lola Caramel treatment  from @msdeekay or you can check out the revised version from BeautifulBrownTresses and an even simpler version from Cherry Lola (I thought it was funny that her name is the same as the treatment!) You should do the Cherry Lola treatment once a week or once every other week. 

Step 1. Clarify- you can do an ACV rinse or a Baking Soda rinse, once you apply it leave it in for 15 minutes and rinse (you can see the different types of products you can mix to make the rinse and watch a demo by going to @msdeekay YouTube channel or MHM website) 

Step 2. Co-wash & Detangle- you can either steam it for about 15-30 minutes or you can leave it in overnight & wash it out in the morning and continue steps 3-5. They recommend using Kinky Curly Knot Today. Most people dilute it with water for this step and I have seen some mix it with other approved conditioners (which I will discuss shortly). You can check out the demo video from @msdeekay

Step 3. Clay Rinse- there is an approved list of clay that you can choose from by going to MHM website but mostly everyone I have seen uses the Aztec Secrets Bentonite Clay. To get the recipe for this step check out this video from @msdeekay . When applying make sure your hair is in sections so that you can make sure that you are coating all your strands with the clay mixture. Leave on for about 15-30 minutes and then rinse out. 

Step 4. Leave-in conditioner- after you have completed step 3 apply a leave-in, it’s recommend that you use the Kinky Curly Knot Today. Some still dilute it and others don’t, so I guess it’s a personal choice. There is an approved list of conditioners that you can find on MHM website or check out the picture below

Step 5. Gel- apply the gel directly after you have applied the leave-in, it’s recommended that you use the Kinky Curly Curling Custard but there is an approved list of gels that you can use. You can go to MHM website for a complete list and check out the picture below for some. You can just do a wash and go or you can style it. You can check out some styling tips from Pinkecube on the MHM website.

I am excited to try this 7 day challenge, which I will start either this Sunday (8/16) or next Sunday (8/23). I am in need of max hydration and I would love for my curls to be even more naturally defined. It also seems like once you achieve max hydration that you won’t have to spend a lot on different products trying to find the perfect one that will work for your hair. If anyone would like to try this 7 day MHM challenge feel free to and be sure to let me know how it goes. Once I start I will upload pictures daily and give links to the videos, so stay tuned. 

The clay rinses and the liquid aminos you can find online or at any health store. I found the bentonite clay and liquid aminos at the Vitamin Shoppe for a low price but you can always search around for the best prices. All the other products you can find at your local beauty supply store, Target, Sally’s, Curlmart.com and maybe Walmart. 

JBCO Challenge Update


Ok guys, so I know that I said I would update every week on this hair challenge but I have been very busy. Finally, I am able to give you all an update on the JBCO. Every morning and most nights I rub this into my scalp and on my edges since March 2, 2015. Within these 11 days that I have been using this I have noticed some slight growth and thickening to my edges especially and I love it! One thing I will say is that the oil is kind of thick and reminds me of syrup, so you won’t need to use a lot of it.

I have not attempted to do a hot oil treatment on my hair just yet but I may try it next week. I will try to update you all again next Friday or Saturday.

As I Am Products

As I Am

As I Am

So I have learned that I am not a “product junkie” but a “product line junkie”. I have a problem with feeling the need to buy pretty much the whole product line for no apparent reason. I have done this with this As I Am line. The picture that you see above shows all the products that I currently own. I first purchased the Coconut CoWash and the Leave-In Conditioner from CurlMart. I absolutely love the way the products smell! Then I bought the Twist Defining Cream and the DoubleButter Cream from Target and today I went to buy the Curling Jelly, Smoothing Gel and the CocoShea Spray from Sally’s!

All of these products can be bought from CurlMart, Target, Sally’s, Walmart and any of your local beauty supply stores.

I have not used all these products just yet but I will be trying them out either tonight or tomorrow and of course I will give my review on them! I’m super excited to try out the twisting cream in combination with the DoubleButter Cream after using the Coconut CoWash and Leave-In Conditioner.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Challenge


I have been seeing and hearing a lot about Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) and its many benefits. There are a lot of mix reviews about it. Some people rave on how good it is and that it helps in hair growth. While others claim that it doesn’t work at all. Not all products work for every single hair type or person and the only way to find out if the product will work for you, is to try it.

After doing a little research, I decided to do the 30 day JBCO challenge. Basically, every day you massage your scalp and roots with the JBCO and you can use it as a sealant for your hairstyles, or as a hot oil treatment. JBCO comes in scents such as Rosemary and Lavendar, but I chose to buy the original. The JBCO ingredients are castor oil (of course), soybean, carrot, and grape oil. The JBCO is supposed to help strengthen, replenish, rejuvenate, and nourish hair.

So, I will start this hair challenge tomorrow and I will update you weekly. Feel free to join me in this 30 day JBCO hair challenge.

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Camille Rose Product Review


So the other day I decided to buy two of Camille Rose for natural hair products, the Curl Love Milk and the Curl Maker. I saw an article from naturallycurly.com about how to go 6 days without smooshed hair, which led me to Natalie Live. You can check her out on youtube, instagram and at thetinycloset.com. They embedded a video of how she maintains her wash and go, which led me to her video of the best wash and go ever. So of course I watched the video. She used these two products and showed how she applies them into her hair and how she gets her super curly, defined, with volume, wash and go. After watching her video, since we have very similar hair types, I went out and bought the products from Target. The Curl Love Milk was $13.00 and the Curl Maker was $22.00, not overly expensive but not cheap either.


The Curl Love Milk has rice milk and macadamia oil in it. Also the bottle says it is made with natural milks, oils and butters to nourish, moisturize, and elongate dry, withdrawn curls. When I opened the bottle it smelled like vanilla cake batter! It smelled so good. It has a nice creamy texture to it and when I rubbed it into the back of my hand the spot was very shiny and soft. You can apply this product to dry or wet hair. I applied the product to wet/damp hair and when I used the tension method to apply the milk, it stretched my hair and made my curls pop. My hair felt really soft and silky like never before with any other product that I have used. So it does what it says that it should do, hydrate and soften my curls.


After I applied the Curl Love Milk, I applied the Curl Maker. The Curl Maker has marshmallow and agave leaf extract and is a jelly. The bottle says that this curling jelly will eliminate frizz, moisturize and define curls without the crunch. The smell of the product is has a very floral, sweet smell to it. The Curl Maker has the same consistency as flaxseed gel. It says to apply to soaking wet hair in sections, and when the sections are drying out re-wet. When I applied it to my hair it immediately began to define my curls as I did the tension method and the racking method. Unlike most gels, it still made my hair feel super soft and I had a shiny look to my hair. Once again, this product does what it says it should do!

Once I let my hair dry, it was amazing how super soft it still was and the shine that I got from using both the products in combination with each other. I recommend these two products for women who are natural and who love doing wash and go’s. I am on day 2 of my wash and go and it is still super duper soft and silky! This will definitely become a staple in my regimen. Next, I will try and do a two strand twists and see how that comes out. Stay tuned!

You can watch the video by Natalie Live on her best wash and go ever right here.

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